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Brendan "Snowman" Mann's Own Weather Links

The WAFB (Channel 9) Weather Staff

WAFB (Channel 9) Weather

The National Weather Service

USA Today's Weather Page - Rich!

Kid's Weather Page - From Penn State


Atlantic Tropical Weather --- All About Hurricanes in the Atlantic

Other Hurricane Links

Weather Cams

Satellite Images of Weather Stuff

The Weather Dude

About Rainbows

Hurricane Hunters' Site

The Washington Post's National Weather Service Spotlight

Franklin's Forecast

Linknet's Weather Links

New Snow Site

The New York Times Weather - For the Southeastern United States

Encyclopedia Britannica's Weather Encyclopedia

Storm 97 Hurricane Central

Links to Weather and Other Disasters

National Warnings Area

Are You Ready for a Hurricane?

Are You Ready for a Tornado?

WBRZ's Baton Rouge Weather Sites

The Red Cross


Federal Emergency Management Administration

Hurricane Hunters

Hurricane Tracking Chart

Interactive Marine Observations

National Hurricane Center

NOAA Geostationary Satellite Browse Server

Florida State Meterology Center

WBRZ Tropical Storm Page

Baton Rouge Weather - From RainOrShine

CNN's Weather Page

Yahoo!'s Weather Links

Southern Regional Climate Center

Weather Links - From Washington and Lee

LSU's Earth Scan Lab

National Hurricane Center Tropical Prediction Center

Colorado State University Hurricane Research

Purdue's Storm Ttracking

Northeast Louisiana University Hurricane Links

National Severe Storms Laboratory

Geostationary Satellite Browser

Hurricane Hunters Homepage

Weather Net

National Weather Service - Tallahassee - Atlantic

Baton Rouge Weather - From Intellicast

Historical Weather Data - Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Weather - From WBRZ

Louisiana Weather - From the University of Illinois

New Orleans Weather

The Weather Channel

Weather Watchers

Weather Post

Weather Online - From New Jersey

Internet News Sites - Weather

Weather Everywhere

Meterology/Climatology Weather Resources - From San Diego State

Galaxy's Meterology and Climatology Links

About Rainbows

Dan's Wild Weather

Exploring Meterology


Lightning: Nature's Fireworks

Storm Chasers

The Tornado Project Online

Young Sailor

Disaster Relief

Leah Michelle's Page

Benjamin's Page

Jim Bolner's Home Page

50 Great Sites For Kids!

This page was created and is maintained by James Bolner, Sr., for his fantastic godchild, Brendan Mann, inveterate weather watcher. The proud godfather may be contacted at

Brendan "Snowman" Mann himself may be contacted at